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1. The ASEAN journalist shall resort only to fair, open and honest means or effort to obtain news, photographs, or documents necessary to enable him/her to carry out his/her professional work, properly identifying himself/herself in the process as being a representative from media

2. The ASEAN journalist shall not allow personal motives or interest to influence him/her or to color his/her views in a manner that would reflect on his/her professional integrity or would undermine the dignity of his/her profession

3. The ASEAN journalist shall not demand, or accept any payment, gift or any other consideration by way of recompense for reporting what is not true or for withholding or suppressing the truth.

4. The ASEAN journalist shall honestly report and interpret the news, making sure, to the best of his/her knowledge and ability, not to suppress essential facts or distort the truth through exaggeration or through wrong or improper emphasis.

5. The ASEAN journalist shall give any person aggrieved by his/her report or interpretation of the news the right of reply.

6. The ASEAN journalist shall not violate confidential information or material obtained by him/her in the exercise of his/her calling.

7. THE ASEAN journalist shall not identify his/her source, and shall resist any outside attempt to make him/her do so, when so specifically enjoined by his/her informant.

8. The ASEAN journalist shall refrain from writing reports, which have the effect of destroying the honor or reputation of a private person unless public interest justifies it.

9. The ASEAN journalist shall pay due regard to the multiethnic, cultural, and -religious fabric of ASEAN countries.

10. The ASEAN journalist shall not write reports, opinions or comments which would endanger the security of his/her country, or foment armed confrontation between his/her country and any other ASEAN country, striving at all times, instead, to promote closer friendly relations among them

Done in Manila on the 25th of November, Nineteen Eighty Seven, during the Seventh CAJ General Assembly.

Committee on ASEAN Journalists' Code of Ethics.

1. Luis R. Mauricio (National Press Club of the Philippines)
2. Dja'far H. Assegaff (Indonesian Journalists' Association)
3. Abdul Razak (Indonesian Journalists' Association)
4. Ivan Lim (Singapore National Union of Journalists)
5. Goh Kay Chong (National Union of Journalists Malaysia)
6. Manich Sooksomchitra (Confederation of Thai Journalists).

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