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Siobhain M Cullen
BellaOnline's Short Stories Editor

Short Stories in Education and Teaching

Teaching and learning about writing and using Short Stories

A Dog Called Christmas - Kids Story Writing Ideas star
Christmas stories for children can provide irresistible inspirations for their writing. Kids can´t fail to get motivated by the soppy,lonesome,Christmastime face of the abandoned black labrador on the cover of a book I found. Adults too will love reading it out- why,I nearly took him in myself...

Ideas For Creative Writing Lesson Plans - Students star
Creative writing lesson plans are easy to dream up!Knowing if you have a gifted little creative writing student in the family can be guesswork-but there are clues!Nurturing early signs o story writing talent can make the difference between raising an undiscovered genius or a successful writer.

Learning Activities for The Little Match Girl Short Story star
A Short Story like Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl" can provide a perfect motivating drive for Learning Activities right across the curriculum. Homeschooling parents,or parents wanting to give children extra Educational Resources can find out how with these tips and fun activities.

Pre School Writing Activities - Schooling At Home star
When considering pre-school writing activities,taking kids scribbles,art and craft games and little stories seriously can have profound effects on their later schooling or even,literary,success.Read on for ideas on nurturing their early creative attempts and for prioritising their learning space.

Storytelling-Supernatural Burns Night Short Story star
The ancient art of storytelling is becoming fashionable in some circles, especially on Burns Night. The storytelling experience pales into insignificance, however, without some eerie scene-setting and a gripping short story. Scottish short story ideas and tips for memorable storytelling experiences.

Using short stories to help with schooling star
How Hearing Short Stories can help pupils whose reading and writing skills are still catching up.

So it's raining and you're bored. Why don't you write some short stories?

When you encourage your child to write short stories, you're solving a major family crisis ... "Mommy, we have nothing to do!"

Your kids are stuck in the house and restless. Will it be the TV today? No... too easy. A board game, good luck... you'll be picking up the pieces in more ways than one.

Instead, divert that energy toward something fun, creative and uniquely engaging. Writing short stories.

I want to show you how kids can use the computer as something more than an expensive toy.

I use short stories as an example of a technique that can develop a child's skills, interests and good behaviour.

And while promoting positive activities, we can diffuse the many negative influences affecting our children everyday.

So, as you read on, also consider this your
layperson's guide to parenting.

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